Insert / Update / Select / Delete API Generation
CRUD API is automacally generated based on DB configuration
Distributed OAuth Authentication
Bundled OAuth is available for both internal API and outer services
IoT Data Gathering
No need to develop specific gathering system anymore
Bulk Insertion
You can insert multi records at one time
Filtering API
2 stages at generation an API receiving. Applicable for specific API stoppage
Prevents from client's crush after receiving huge records
MQTT Support
Along with HTTP, MQTT is also supported
INI file based configuration
No stresses for all the cloud workers
Pay per use
Minimum 51.3cent total per hour. Free for the first 10 days (except EC2 base fee)
Query Cache
Helps quicker access to the target data
Unspecific data insertion
Very effective for IoT as data format is always changable
Tree-formatted data
Externally referenced tables are inlined into the reply date
NOAPI(R) 1.0 First Customer Shipment
a brand-new site open
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